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Our vision

and ethos


At Fingertips, we consider every child to be a beautiful, creative, fascinating and independent individual with an enormous amount to offer the world.  We understand that the importance of the early years in a child’s development cannot be over-emphasised.  We aim to provide every child with a variety of rich environments to maximise the opportunities for them to explore and develop but more importantly to become independent, confident and happy learners. 


Our holistic approach considers the needs of the ‘whole’ child, using our indoor setting, the garden, forest school and our woodland nursery to encompass and captivate every area of the children’s imaginations, well-being and learning.  We aim to nurture and enthral their minds, body and spirit.  The experiences which we provide for your children in their early years equip them with solid foundations for their learning and preparation for a smoother transition to Reception.


We have a warm and friendly team of well-qualified teachers who encourage and support children’s development in partnership with parents.  As part of this learning experience, we work alongside the local schools and community.


We ensure that each child feels valued as an individual and with our Christian ethos we believe in providing a setting which is inclusive of children from every culture, religion and ability.


Our Beliefs


  • We believe young children are capable of reaching higher levels of creative learning earlier than some expect.

  • We believe that all children must be taught how to think, not what to think.  

  • We are passionate about helping them to develop their moral compass and encouraging them to become self-respecting, confident and social individuals.

  • We believe that excellent nursery education helps very young learners to become stimulated and excited by the fun of learning through play, which supports a positive life-long attitude to learning and succeeding.

  • We believe we can serve our children best through a firm commitment to regular self-assessment, training and research.

  • We believe by investing in our team and praising, rewarding and incentivising them we will continue to build a committed, happy and overall effective team.


Our promise to you


We promise to provide your child with the highest standards of care and education tailored to your child's individual interests and needs.


Our priorities


Your child's safety, happiness and nursery education is of our highest importance.


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