Fingertips Woodland Nursery

Fingertips Woodland Nursery is based in the beautiful woodland area of Manland Primary School, where we are able to offer Day-care from 8am till 4pm with the option of an extended hour till 5pm.

The Setting


The layout of our setting is specifically designed to meet all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

We have a designated art and malleable materials area where children can select their own creative activity, a role play area, small world, literacy, mathematics, construction and science tables.  We have labelled all the trays with photographs of the equipment, activities and games so that children can choose what to play with, giving them multiple opportunities to explore, learn and enjoy. 

We will have times of singing and dancing, reading together, playing games with letters and numbers and having fun with friends. This gives our children a head-start, growing in confidence and enthusiasm for learning about the world around them. We help children to believe in themselves and excel, catapulting them into school readiness.

Our Nature Garden

We have also arranged our garden in order to be exciting, stimulating and fun.  With areas to play, explore, climb and experiment while developing self-confidence and learning to manage their own risk.  Throughout the day, children can choose whether they want to play indoors or outdoors and can select activities from visiting our nature garden, diving into the mud kitchen or experimenting with sand and water,  So that wherever they learn best they can have access to the same learning opportunities outdoors as they do indoors.  This will then flow to learning in the wider woodland area with forest school.

Forest School

Each day we will engage in forest school activities taking them out into our large woodland area.

This is a holistic Scandinavian approach that develops collaborative learning skills, problem solving, co-operation, confidence building and self-esteem. In our opinion we believe this is the very best way to learn.

Some of the things we do at forest school; whittling sticks, making mud pies, sawing, climbing trees, playing imaginary games, lighting fires and learning about the environment and the natural world we live in.  These activities are carefully designed to; build confidence and self-esteem, improve communication and social skills, learn to recognise and manage risk improve team skills and provide a natural motivation and positive attitude towards learning.


8am - 4pm

Funded (using 6 hours funded)

£24 per day

8am - 4pm

Funded (using 3 hours funded)

£48 per day

8am - 4pm

Non - funded

£68 per day

4pm - 5pm

Optional extended hour

£8 per day



Jenny Herbaut

Early Years Head Teacher

Fingertips Preschool 

All Saints Church Hall

129 Station Road , Harpenden