Jenny Herbaut

Early Years Head Teacher

Fingertips Preschool 

All Saints Church Hall

129 Station Road                 Harpenden




07711 200082

01582 764391

Fingertips Preschool & Forest School is Ofsted outstanding and delighted to announce that we are opening Fingertips Woodland Nursery.

The day begins at 8am and ends at 4pm. You may drop off your child any time before 8.30am and collect anytime between 3.30pm and 4pm. An additional hour (4pm until 5pm) is available.

We accept 2-year-old funding, 3-4-year old 15-hour funding, and a number of 30 hour funded places.

Children will be provided with a simple healthy breakfast and two healthy snacks (morning and afternoon).  Parents will supply a healthy packed lunch.

The children will have continuous free flow from the indoor nursery to the woodland garden.  There will be regular fun planned activities, small group time teaching and, very importantly, forest school learning.

A qualified forest school practitioner will be engaging children with: whittling, sawing, fire lighting skills and more.  This is a holistic Scandinavian approach that develops collaborative learning skills, problem solving, co-operation, confidence building and self-esteem. In our opinion we believe this is the very best way to learn.


£68 per day

£48 per day

£8 per day

8am – 4pm


(using 3 funded hours)

8am – 4pm 


(using 6 funded hours)

£24 per day

4pm – 5pm

Optional extended hour

8am – 4pm


We believe that children need to reconnect with the natural world; touch it, feel it, taste it and play in it.


Some of the things we do at forest school; whittling sticks, making mud pies, sawing, climbing trees, playing on rope swings, playing imaginary games, lighting fires and learning about the environment and the natural world we live in.  These activities are carefully designed to; build confidence and self-esteem,  improve communication and social skills, learn to recognise and manage risk improve team skills and provide a natural motivation and positive attitude towards learning.


This freedom to explore and play allows children to feel in control of managing their own risks and making their own decisions.  It is a place where your child cannot fail and can only succeed.  This sense of achievement and the confidence in learning that forest school brings develops their brain in a unique way.  We see children who start with us who are unable to talk or form sentences and within a short space of time their confidence has excelled and their speech begins to develop rapidly. The development of language in both the setting and in the forest, has been immense.  In the forest children from all ability groups are able to break the boundaries of their limitations exceeding expectations of development and learning.